Delayed Renal Localization of Ga-67

Renal uptake in 48- or 72-hr images is graded as follows:


Score Findings
0 background activity
1 greater than background but less than spine
2 close to spine but less than liver
3 same as liver
4 greater than liver



Score Result
0-1 Normal




18% Drug-induced renal damage
12.5% Urinary stasis or slow excretion
11% Collagen vascular disease
7% Renal failure
2% Acute tubular necrosis
2% Indeterminate
Cases of renal infection or failure tended to show more or less 4+ uptake, while drug damage, ATN, or urinary stasis tended to have 2+ uptake.



Lin DS, Sanders JA, Patel BR. Related Articles, Delayed renal localization of Ga-67: concise communication. J Nucl Med. 1983 Oct;24(10):894-7. Link to PubMed.